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Years to Consider 9-11

This is the very first time that I have watched anything about 9-11 outside the one day after returning from the mountains right after it happened. Mark and I had gone up to Maryland, just outside Camp David for a weekend of rest and rejuvenation. I just had to understand why I was not connecting to what was happening in the way that seemed that I should have.

A year later, while my family and friends helped to move my household goods across town to a new home, I was in NY participating in a huge townhall meeting as one of 50 facilitators. I sat at a round table hearing directly from those who were so deeply affected on that day (neighbors, fire fighters, relatives of the deceased). All were asked how they wanted to remember and honor those who were no longer with us by choosing a memorial that would most honor one and all.

Since then, I have read the reports, followed the investigations, listened to the engineers and scientists give testimony as to how both the towers, and the building holding vast financial records, were destroyed. In the documentary, after watching the images of the buildings and the sequencing of events, it does appear that the towers fell in perfect demolition style.

I truly hope one day that we will understand the clear motives and intended rewards that went into fabricating such a horrific act. We may never know the facts.

In all of this, what stands out is the power of the human spirit. It is incredible. What I see are people who deeply love and care about one another and who were strong in faith, compassion and courageous.

Check Out 9/11: The Falling Man on Hulu.
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