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Big Shifts in the Quantum Field


Not a swelling but a popping kind of energy is shifting the quantum field right now. It’s mass consciousness time of creating, doing, aligning as one. In my private sessions I’m continually being shown images of chaos, movement, controlling, pushing kinds of energy and being told to tell the person on the receiving end, “allow this energy, this force of nature to pass right through you. Or align with that which guides you and stay quiet, focused and aligned with your heart knowing that all is well.”

So it seems that our now moment, being in our immediate now and future now, creates a shift. It’s a shift in focus and understanding that no matter what is ocurring in our world, it’s the opening that leads us toward a greater understaning and higher awareness, something greater than any one person can do or be, that marks this right of passage.

And so shall it be. February stands to be quite the surprising time in so many lives.

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