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Light Streamings is now Modasha

Light Streamings is now Modasha.

One early morning in the fall of 2009, I heard and felt etheral beings speak to me in a beautifully soft and melodic sounding language. As I wrote phonetically sounding words down in my journal, I heard the sound “Modasha”. I quickly asked what it meant. A nano-second later, I felt and saw the earth from a very distant perspective followed by the phrase, “May all beings everywhere be happy”.

This exchange came in the very early morning hours on the forth day of a global vision builders’ retreat. We had gathered together to envision the details of a larger vision that anchored in just weeks before. There were twenty-three of us who had come together to receive individual insights and to share soul-level impressions for creating a plan of action. In spite of our pure intention, the stress factor ran high.

As we gathered that last morning, not knowing whether we were about to splinter apart or come together, I shared the writing. Many, with nerves still standing on edge, and after hearing this beautiful star language, and the message intended for our future direction, the sound of that one word alone was both calming and brought many, including myself, to tears. A sense of peace settled into the room, which was accompanied by the recognition that we are truly all one.

The vibrational resonance of Modasha and its fuller meaning has stayed with me. I have been sensing the time to share this word at a time when the embodiment of oneness, and our ability to sustain oneness in community, was more of a reality than a promise or hope of all things to come. That time is now.

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