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Clearing the Shadow

In my quest to clear out the inner clutter, I have discovered family constellation work. It’s quite remarkable in the sense that we can go back to prior generations, long before current day patterns that are wreaking havoc with our peace of mind, and clear them.

The process is akin to seeing through the veil or entering into a lucid dream state and witnessing all the parts of your very own puzzle in third person. It’s the third person self-discovery process that is so powerful.  The facilitator embodies the soul or souls of yesteryear at the point in time when the splintering occurred.

It’s liberating to witness the overlay from here to there, and how the shadow then has played out and manifested in present moment family dynamics. The facets of the current day puzzle fall into place as the original split in the lineage is experienced and actively engaged, and healed.

It’s only been two days since the session, and the blue sky feeling that I came home with from our most recent event in New Mexico is even more clear, more peaceful. I’ve been having lucid dreams that show me, more from a current life review viewpoint my past transgressions, so I can heal and bring peace to past actions. By doing so, I’m experiencing a deeper, wider opening within me. All that inner clutter–the preoccupation with the how, why and when is gone. Dissappeared. What is in it’s place? deep peace.

When the guides talk about gaining one’s freedom, I’m beginning to get a glimpse of the potential ramifications on the rest of my life.  All that space used for worry and concern is now freed up to enjoy life and create what I truly desire.

Transformation of the heart is the key, and energetic healing is the engine that moves the energy. Gotta love it all into wholeness!

Stillness is Food for the Soul

Dropping into the stillness and listening to the heart is the most productive thing we can do each day.


Relationship Right for You?

Are you in a romantic relationship or stepping in that direction? It’s a really wonderful feeling. To want to be near and dear to someone is simply the best until, that is, the lower personality issues start flowing forth. Sometimes that unsettled feeling happens in little ways. Sometimes in bigger, not so pleasant ways. Clashes happen. That’s life. But how do you know, really know, if you are about to take the leap of faith into the heart of who you are, that it’s the ultimate right aligned relationship?

I get this question put to me practically everyday. Each person and every relationship is unique. But taking that leap–from mind to heart–can sometimes feel like the road trip that will never happen.

The answer I found myself giving someone recently was: Will you ever know if you continue to stand back and watch?

Of course there are more specific signals if that special someone is for you but that’s for another time. For more personal transformational tools join us for the New Earth Grid series, free webcasts on a variety of topics each month.

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The next webcast is on the topic is: Live Your Best Life 2014.

Aligned Action

I’ve been working to create the things I see and know in my heart as mine to do. How can it become a reality if I do not trust what I know is true? Aligning in thought, word and deed takes courage and follow-through. Without these basic elements, I just sit idly by as I watch others fulfill their heart’s desire, and only feel frustrated that I am not. Take one step, I say. Just one. One step will lead to another, and there I go.


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