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A Form of Meditation for Inter-dimensional Communication

CosmicMeditationWe do a morning meditation several times a month in our home. It started out as a way for a few friends to come together and support one another. It’s evolved into  a deep immersion experience for receiving clear impressions, experiences and messages. It’s a way of understanding a different language, an alternative form of communication with higher dimensional beings.

Like any meditation, the goal is to drop our fixation on the mind. Rather than going into any impression to seek clarity, we watch and report by speaking a word or a phrase that represents what we are sensing, seeing, hearing or experiencing.

This form of group meditation demonstrates just how connected we are, not only with each other but with the many beings who drop in to teach, to share or to show us aspects of our world in the way that we cannot possibly fathom with just five senses.

We are often shown or experience impressions that make no sense to our third dimensional way of being in the world. When one sees something from a particular perspective and the other sees it from an alternate vantage point, it’s magical. We begin to recognize, as we share impressions after we have all come out of the meditation, what we have just experienced and how our individual impression form the shared experience.

The latest addition to our meditation / visioning sessions is the use of crystals in the form of platonic solids. The crystals form a grid, which amplifies our individual and collective intentions. It’s very powerful.  Depending on which platonic solid we use, the crystals amplify that aspect of what they represent, and heightens our ability to see and sense more clearly. This past Friday we used the platonic solid that represents the earth. All the images we were shown represented the earth grid: land masses and movement of the tektonic plates, volcanic eruptions on various continents, and the role of sea creatures along with the migration of animals.

Again, there is no directing or mindful interjection or interaction going on in this process. We’ve allow our minds to stay neutral and allow ourselves to be guided. Even if something comes up that would have us react in fear, we have learned to just watch without reacting. As we watch, listen and feel, the deeper layer of understanding unfolds and opens up to show us something more.

We’ve been doing this style of meditation / visioning for several years now. The more we come together in this way the stronger the field becomes. The visions are becoming crystal clear and in the moment.

What was remarkable about this past Friday’s experience was the synergy that happened among us. For starters, we each received a piece of this very large but clear puzzle. One saw one aspect of the big picture and each of the meditators saw another. At some point, my husband and I were both shown the interior of a temple and what we were doing there. That has never happened before where two people were reflecting the same scene and for the same purpose at the same time.

It brings to mind what the guides, my ethereal teachers, have shared from the very beginning of this process. As we practice this form of visioning, we are opening up the timelines and aligning with a frequency where we can see beyond the linear way of experiencing our world and the greater cosmos.

As I experienced the scene in the temple and what we in collaboration with others were doing there, I also recognized that it is a probability, which then requires us to make a choice. If we feel the alignment with that scene, we can make the choice to step into this particular probability by taking action. Our most immediate next step is to secure a time to be there and invite others to join us.

That’s the way any change or shift in consciousness comes about. You sense and feel the higher probable outcome then take the most immediate next step that finds you walking toward that very direction. Just keep your eyes open as you go. Your success in this world requires you to trust your heart, and to take those steps as they are revealed to you. Are you willing?


Reality Creation

Are you ready to experience life at a whole new level of amazement, joy, happiness, and abundance?!


Reality Creation is its own animal. It’s a way of approaching life in flow mode and not worrying about all the details of why you can’t or shouldn’t follow your heart. You just do, and there are specific sign posts to give you the feedback to give you the encouragement to keep going. It’s not just a mind set either. Reality creation is all heart with the key to it all: Staying open to new possibility and expansion. In short, it’s a way of being in the world.

Once you know the principles of Reality Creation and how to design your ideal lifestyle, everything you’ve ever dreamed of becomes real in your life.  Trust me, I know it’s possible through my own life experience. 

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Carol Fitzpatrick

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You, as the Power Creator that You Are

Today, as I participated in a call that will be redistributed as an integrated part of a larger program offering, my talk was geared to the global shift in consciousness, yet at every turn I came back to the individual choice to be love, know love and to amplify that which is already within us. When we look outside ourselves for the answers, we have, in that moment, fallen into the abyss of mass hysteria.

No one has the answer for you but you. Look, see, know who you are. . . a very powerful creator. You are a generator of all your creations, and what you experience in this very moment represents what you have already created as a seed thought and feeling. All your creations were set into motion by both the attention you gave them and the intention in the way that you set every one of them into motion. If you don’t like what you are experiencing in your world now, drop deep inside self and shift your attention away from that lower frequency bandwidth of hate and malice and move the needle toward something more tangibly recognizable to love. Change up the feeling within you and set it back into motion with a different intention. Stop the projection of what someone is doing  to you and remember who you are. No one can do anything to you without your involvement on some real level of your awareness.  It begins and ends with you in the power position of making choice.

How we change our environment, family, work, relationship, power dynamics begins from the inside out. 

As you exercise accountability for how you are showing up in your life, know that you get to make a different choice at any time. It’s your life, your world and your intention that determines your level of inner peace and happiness. 



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