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Clearing the Shadow

In my quest to clear out the inner clutter, I have discovered family constellation work. It’s quite remarkable in the sense that we can go back to prior generations, long before current day patterns that are wreaking havoc with our peace of mind, and clear them.

The process is akin to seeing through the veil or entering into a lucid dream state and witnessing all the parts of your very own puzzle in third person. It’s the third person self-discovery process that is so powerful.  The facilitator embodies the soul or souls of yesteryear at the point in time when the splintering occurred.

It’s liberating to witness the overlay from here to there, and how the shadow then has played out and manifested in present moment family dynamics. The facets of the current day puzzle fall into place as the original split in the lineage is experienced and actively engaged, and healed.

It’s only been two days since the session, and the blue sky feeling that I came home with from our most recent event in New Mexico is even more clear, more peaceful. I’ve been having lucid dreams that show me, more from a current life review viewpoint my past transgressions, so I can heal and bring peace to past actions. By doing so, I’m experiencing a deeper, wider opening within me. All that inner clutter–the preoccupation with the how, why and when is gone. Dissappeared. What is in it’s place? deep peace.

When the guides talk about gaining one’s freedom, I’m beginning to get a glimpse of the potential ramifications on the rest of my life.  All that space used for worry and concern is now freed up to enjoy life and create what I truly desire.

Transformation of the heart is the key, and energetic healing is the engine that moves the energy. Gotta love it all into wholeness!

Light Community is Vital

Every time I think of how much I love my life, I can’t go far without remembering someone who helped me along the way. That special someone that I did not know one minute, yet felt their heart in the very next. It was their compassion and their goods deeds that melted my heart and soothed my soul.

These earth angels came into my life when I most needed it and least expected it. i was so used to the struggle that comes with feeling that I had to “do it alone” that I was dismayed and confused by the generosity of spirit.

We all need each other, and to be so cradled and loved in community that honors the heart is beyond words. Since that time, I have built my practice and dedicated my time to providing both experiences and a safe haven for others to heal and transform their lives. By doing so, our humanity spontaneously holds a desire to share that same joy of an open heart that comes with connection in relationship to others.

If you are seeking that form of connection and feel that you need that extra boost in the context of a loving, living light community, I will be holding sacred space as we come together by phone this Saturday, February 21st at 1:00 pm EDT. If you feel that you could use a boost of love, joy and peace in your life right now, consider yourself invited.

Here is the link to learn more:

A Message from the Angelic Beings

Allow your heart to guide you into the higher realms of light. We are here with you now. Uplift your awareness into the knowing that all is well. Imagine the highest form of love by imagining that you are that. Give and you shall receive. Turn back the tide of wrong or being wronged by being that which you already are: Light. Pure unadulterated Light. Love thyself and all that you are.

Turn away from any prophecies that would find you cowering in fear. Be fearless with your thoughts, words and deeds. Know that you are a powerful creator of light and together in oneness you are invincible in your ability to transform human consciousness. Turn inward to the stillness and follow your heart. 

Love all. Honor the Self, the God Self and as you do, know that all is well.

This is quite the time of revelation. The planets may be aligning and the moon may be shadowed by the light but so are you a factor in all that manifests. Allow this time to be your time. Allow this time to be for love, for light, for joyous celebration. As you do, know that all is well.

~The Angelic Beings of Light

Note: These channeled energies from the 144 Master Gatekeepers are light and uplifting and seem to offer up a counter to the doomsday kind of alarm bells going off as warning signs. Stay still and centered on love and honoring of self. No jumping into fear programs to through you off balance during this most auspicious and energetically pivotal time.


Big Shifts in the Quantum Field


Not a swelling but a popping kind of energy is shifting the quantum field right now. It’s mass consciousness time of creating, doing, aligning as one. In my private sessions I’m continually being shown images of chaos, movement, controlling, pushing kinds of energy and being told to tell the person on the receiving end, “allow this energy, this force of nature to pass right through you. Or align with that which guides you and stay quiet, focused and aligned with your heart knowing that all is well.”

So it seems that our now moment, being in our immediate now and future now, creates a shift. It’s a shift in focus and understanding that no matter what is ocurring in our world, it’s the opening that leads us toward a greater understaning and higher awareness, something greater than any one person can do or be, that marks this right of passage.

And so shall it be. February stands to be quite the surprising time in so many lives.

Aligned Action

I’ve been working to create the things I see and know in my heart as mine to do. How can it become a reality if I do not trust what I know is true? Aligning in thought, word and deed takes courage and follow-through. Without these basic elements, I just sit idly by as I watch others fulfill their heart’s desire, and only feel frustrated that I am not. Take one step, I say. Just one. One step will lead to another, and there I go.


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