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Allowing Love to Be the Guide

Energy is powerful. It’s not who you are but what you do with what flows forth. Allow for love in all ways of being without fear—and as you do, know that all is truly well.

As someone who feels the influxes and flows of the planetary grid in the body, I have come to understand the ascension process through the pulses of electrical current in the body. The intensified field of inter-galactic grid is causing a spike in the planetary grid system causing our bodies, minds and emotions to feel amped up. The wave form acts as a kind of crescendo causing us sleepless nights and emotional upsets. We’re at the crest of the wave now and only need to “do” one thing.

It’s an intense time that calls for full-on allowing without concern or care of what this electrical energy wave is for or even means. It’s all transformation and by keeping the mind soft and staying open, we are allowing for a greater capacity of high frequencies of light flow through us. The emphasis is on through. If we are trying to stop the flow even by judging what might be, we are causing the current to electrify and build up in areas of the body needlessly so. This greater flow of higher frequency serves as a transformational agent for the Light that we are to embody in the physical.

Wisdom Sharing:  Channeling of LIght

Wisdom Sharing: Channeling of LIght

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