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Step into Your Power


Step into Your True Power

True power is not force but presence. Have you ever encountered a bully? They push their weight around figuratively and physically. They use their brawn to intimidate or manipulate others in order to get what they want. They come in all shapes and sizes, all walks of life. Bullies usually need others around them to support their reign of terror. They are usually miserable on the inside and ready at first provocation to spit and spew their venim onto others. It must be exhausting.

I grew up with a bully around me 24-7. I felt terror just about every day of my early life and carried that feeling into my adulthood. The day finally arrived when I let go of the story around being a victim of someone else’s rage. 

Power is not force. Power is Love that transcends the moment of the fight or flight decision that prompts us to run or stay, step back or lunge forward. Power is presence. Presence finds us standing in our knowing that all is truly well. It’s a heart-choice even as we soothe the mind. The mind will always want some kind of secret revenge or justice but we can and need to put that down. Nothing but open acceptance of self and others will do. It may take us years to get there but it’s worth every bit of inner work to gain our freedom. 

As children we may not recognize that the bully is just as scared of not being heard, appreciated or held in love as we are.  Managing to stay present with a bully takes on a new meaning when you feel that you are about to be ridiculed or pulverized. It takes practice but if you are able to transcend the lower vibrational dynamics all together, you’ll find your voice and regain your power. 

Fear only breeds more fear. Love opens. The knowing that comes with presence creates a timeless state of calm and peace. It’s taken me many years to finally put down this kind of fear. Any time someone treats another unkindly or is rude, pushy or sarcastic toward others, I still inwardly cringe. But instead of reacting in fear, I hold both in a state of awareness and just take a moment to amplify Love. That’s where the true power is found: Within that very knowing of who we are. 

At some point, we all get tired, exhausted from the fight or flight from fear. At some point we surrender to love, and when we do, we realize that absolutely everyone can receive, and no one is left out. All are welcome here, without exception.

Love is your true power.


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