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Light Community is Vital

Every time I think of how much I love my life, I can’t go far without remembering someone who helped me along the way. That special someone that I did not know one minute, yet felt their heart in the very next. It was their compassion and their goods deeds that melted my heart and soothed my soul.

These earth angels came into my life when I most needed it and least expected it. i was so used to the struggle that comes with feeling that I had to “do it alone” that I was dismayed and confused by the generosity of spirit.

We all need each other, and to be so cradled and loved in community that honors the heart is beyond words. Since that time, I have built my practice and dedicated my time to providing both experiences and a safe haven for others to heal and transform their lives. By doing so, our humanity spontaneously holds a desire to share that same joy of an open heart that comes with connection in relationship to others.

If you are seeking that form of connection and feel that you need that extra boost in the context of a loving, living light community, I will be holding sacred space as we come together by phone this Saturday, February 21st at 1:00 pm EDT. If you feel that you could use a boost of love, joy and peace in your life right now, consider yourself invited.

Here is the link to learn more:

The Epic Shift in the Planetary Grid

There are those among us who are called to stand and to be for the purpose of anchoring light in various geographic locations around the world. They are called into action at particular times for very specific reasons known only to them and the Star Elders who are guiding them. These pure-hearted souls work together as a synchronized united harmonized oneness, each stepping into their calling to receive an infusion of light on behalf of and in the spirit of an ever evolving humanity.

They may be called to work singularly or in small groups that spontaneously form in THAT moment and not before nor after. They may never know the magnitude of the others who have also been called in to support them, beacon to them or align with them. Their team mates may be traveling right along side them or a half a world away with no awareness of the other at all. They can only sense the nameless amplification of support needed by a global network of activators and anchors of Light in that very moment.

We feel the affect of their work.

Whether we are fully conscious of it or not, we can all sense when there is a shift in global consciousness. While the mass media pumps out story after story to keep us all in fear, to turn brother against brother in an effort to fill our hearts with hatred and malice, we can feel the upward spiraling of unconditional love.

This epic and foundational shift is reflected by our ability to see, sense and feel the way ahead again. The higher probabilities, as reflected in the global shifts in consciousness, create a kind of collective clearing of soul pain. We can more clearly identify the way as we align with the flow of grace even as the rest of the world is becoming more polarized. In fact, it’s the polarization that helps us to more specifically identify higher vibrational choice now.

Since mid-September, the codes of Light are clearly causing a quantum shift in consciousness. Many souls who have been trapped inside this lower vibrational grid are leaving or have already left. The load on the system is lifting now, and the the consciousness dots are being connected, which is giving us the clear message that it’s time to embrace all that we are now.

Thanks, with humble heart, to all who deeply listen to inner guidance, and heed the call to go, to sit ever so quietly in the stillness — to be, to open and amp those energies of Love without any condition at all, into the entire human grid system.

Thank you, thank you and thank you so very much, again.


The Amped up Energies of Mid-September

The energies are amping up and taking us to new heights. We cannot stay where we are without feeling pulled apart. Wednesday night’s conversation is all about where we are now in the process of building this new earth grid of consciousness and what to anticipate as we embrace yet more intensified levels of light for moving forward.

It’s time to get crystal clear with intention and one’s alignment with your purpose. Are you ready? New structures are forming and you are a part of the new earth grid of consciousness even as the pockets of you life would have you believing otherwise. What are these new structures and how do you recognize them when they show up?

Join the conversation:


Wednesday, September 17

7:00 pm eastern
Live Stream Link Here: 

Fearless Authentic Self Expression


After anchoring this past LS into form, I have renewed my commitment to show up as my most authentic self in all areas of my life not just my light family.

Last night I stayed up late and wrote a proposal, spell checked the content then pushed the send button, something that I do not do. With the exception of LS, my motto is to write then wait 24 hours to see if I have”writer’s remorse” after a good night’s sleep.

Serving as a channel for the divine, has taught me to trust in a higher dimensional wisdom. Now it’s time for me to most fully trust in my own inner wisdom.

On this morning’s walk, I decided that I am showing up in the way that most represents my heart without regard to who is on the receiving end. With that, I will always continue to be sensitive, empathic and compassionate to where others are. That’s an integral part of my humanity.

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