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Our Frequency IS our prayer. It’s our intention to love and honor one another that brings about the greatest fulfillment. All is well.

Writing: Food for the Soul

Spiritual Book WritingI just finished reading a client’s memoir, and the coaching of another author through a three-year writing process. Journal writing is great for staying in the flow but writing a book takes on a life of its own. It’s an epic journey all taking place in the deeper recesses of your heart.

Writing, in general, is both a cathartic and magical process. I never look forward to taking the deep dive into an involved writing project but I’m always thankful afterwards. It’s a way to ground inner knowing into the mental plane and anchor a greater level of clarity into my life.

I just finished the final draft of a new body of work, too, and I’m sitting with the feeling of awe, wonderment, and relief!

Soul Patterns / For the Love of the Mother

Who ever would have guessed that the big flip that was spoken about in the March Light Streamings (LS) would be all about the inner stance of the heart as manifested in our relationships. Major choice points were abound and staring us in the face. Our backs were not against the wall but attuned to aligning with a higher form of love in all scenarios.

No longer can we afford to stay in the old comforts of hiding out. It’s truly time to shine by speaking truth to absolutely everyone in our world with love.

Time and time again, in all the visions flowing in, I am seeing so many things about the new global patterns and energy lines that are forming. The patterns are so dramatic, it’s hard to even imagine how to prepare for what is about to manifest in our collective world.

Our experience and practice with holding our center while flowing light has taught us how to step into creation cycles that are both joyful and peaceful, even if others are choosing a path far different from the one we are being guided toward. We have also learned that we can never know the fuller picture of another’s path anyway. It would be an act of arrogance to step in and take anyone’s choice away by presuming that you are right to rescue, save or even assume responsibility for their happiness, loved ones and children included.

All I have to say, at this point in aligning with your higher awareness, is to let go and allow your heart to guide you every step of the way. Any internal resistance must be met with acceptance while keeping your focus on the higher path, and make choice as the way reveals itself to you. You’ll know the way to higher vibrational ground by feeling and sensing the energy wave patterns, which are very subtle yet powerful beyond belief.

The private channeled and mentoring sessions have been no less powerful. For years, while I am speaking, pen to paper, my hand draws. It’s a strange happening and I have never really understood what these patterns have meant until now. I have come to realize that I am drawing the energy patterns of that particular soul and how the human matrix is trying to find its way out of a maze that is already open.
Soul pattern of expanding into the higher heart path.

To illustrate such a pattern, I am including a drawing from just a few days ago. This pattern depicts someone who has been feeling blocked by her own creations that have shown up as frustration and feeling demoralized by her life circumstances.

When exploring the pattern, there is a clear connection and opening into the new as evidence by the lines leading from one more tightly woven creation into the more open and expansive part of her life that she is seeking. The top is full of attempts that make her feel that she headed into a dead end, which in fact, she is being lead through an inner doorway that expands here energy out into her life’s work.

Most of us are here right now, on one side of that gateway or the other. If you are still frustrated, you just haven’t made the connection yet. If you are on the other side, you have made it through and breathing easier.

What makes this energetic gateway unique is that you can’t get through it without being TRUE TO YOURSELF in all aspects of your life.

Each person has his or her own unique pattern, but this being true to self with rightly aligned action is the way through for everyone of us.

The soul intuitively knows the way through, so it’s up to us to learn how to trust the signals and make the choice that is most honoring of self and others.

So here we go: The writing that came through on Easter Sunday morning seemed just right for what I am experiencing so this may apply to you too:

Jesus of the Nazarene:

I come to you in peace. The message to humanity is one of impending change. The forces of darkness no longer hold you nor ensnare you. Let go of your mindful ways of seeing these forces at work in your lives. Your energy systems are fully activated, now, to transcend any malady.

Unhappiness is birthed from not allowing your heart to guide you. Fear not your inner knowing. Step into the unknown of love joyously and realize inner peace in its fullest form.

Shifting now into more of a group download of light: Wave forms are caused by particles of light coalescing as one. One formation is all dancing together in the way that brings you your greatest joy.

Let go of your resistance to allowing these adamatine particles to vibrate freely, openly expressing who you are, and what you are feeling within any given moment.

There’s an important piece that you are missing. Allow for love in all things. There is no harm in loving. There is no foul in trespassing upon your mindful ways. Create within the moment of possibility.

What do you most desire?

Feel it; see it; embrace the knowing of what that may be. Allow for grace in motion. Accept the inevitable. The only preparation you need concern yourself with is the feeling of your desire.

Your mind will want to stay rooted in the vibration of the familiar. Yet the comfort of the old is not what the desire holds in promise and in detail of the patterning of the creative force (higher consciousness) that flows into the creation to uplift and transform.

Become aware of your compassionate nature.

The animal kingdom leads the way. Watch, feel, sense what the animals do in your midst. They are attuned to the natural ebb and flow of life and have no fear of change. Allow for love in each and every moment, and as you do, know that all is well.

So there we are.. in the midst of radical change. Take a stance of deep listening, discerning and flowing with what feels rightly aligned with your heart path regardless of perceived outcome. All that practice of holding to the center of who you truly are serves you well as you are each called to make choice without any attachment to outcome. As you can see from the illustration, just follow your heart and allow the rest to be a flow.

It’s acceleration time as we open to major life change, and joyfully so!

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