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Life After Life

I rarely get through a book on one setting, but “the next person you meet in heaven” by Mitch Albom is a wonderful short story about how we see the lessons of our lives, post incarnation on earth. It’s billed as fiction, and it is, but the facets of life after life are very close to the way I see and communicate with souls who have passed.
They always empathically show their loved ones how they perceive their lives now from their new higher perspective and wish to, in teurn, help their loved ones that are still operating from a one side perspective understand. And parallel to the author’s fictional depiction of life on the other side, I see this same way. The soul wishes to communicate that love, honor and compassion are the qualities we all seek—while the call to let go of shame, guilt and especially resentment is the way to realize the more expansive states of connectedness.
Even the way the soul sees colors and travels through disconnected yet connected fragments of life memories is very similar to the way I am shown through their eyes as well.
It seems so simple, yes? And so it is. Now to go back and read the first one….


Our Frequency IS our prayer. It’s our intention to love and honor one another that brings about the greatest fulfillment. All is well.

Writing: Food for the Soul

Spiritual Book WritingI just finished reading a client’s memoir, and the coaching of another author through a three-year writing process. Journal writing is great for staying in the flow but writing a book takes on a life of its own. It’s an epic journey all taking place in the deeper recesses of your heart.

Writing, in general, is both a cathartic and magical process. I never look forward to taking the deep dive into an involved writing project but I’m always thankful afterwards. It’s a way to ground inner knowing into the mental plane and anchor a greater level of clarity into my life.

I just finished the final draft of a new body of work, too, and I’m sitting with the feeling of awe, wonderment, and relief!

Stillness is Food for the Soul

Dropping into the stillness and listening to the heart is the most productive thing we can do each day.


Water, water everywhere water

Water is vital to our very survival as a species. It’s the life blood of the planet and creates a biospheric field of light that radiates and flows through all living beings. We are at the clear choice point and are called to ask the question, “What shall we do? Shall we honor the nature spirits of the water and align with joyous celebration of this life giving consciousness, or shall we shift our focus away from life enhancing properties that feed our very souls in favor of contaminating our very source for sustaining life on the planet? What shall it be?”

The choice, of course, is each of ours to make, and with that choice there is a collective choice that forms. Do we allow the few to make choice for the whole or do we honor the choice of all and allow for only that which fully honors the collective in wholeness, in oneness?

If the choice is truly for the oneness, to be fully honored, then we set that intention and allow for all voices to, not only be heard, but honored as well.

Love and honor. Love and honor thyself. Love and honor all, including the water.

The challenge to end fracking in Santa Barbara CA:

Dr. Emoto and the Soul of Water:

“Water is the reflection of our soul.” Dr. Emoto

Allowing Love to Be the Guide

Energy is powerful. It’s not who you are but what you do with what flows forth. Allow for love in all ways of being without fear—and as you do, know that all is truly well.

As someone who feels the influxes and flows of the planetary grid in the body, I have come to understand the ascension process through the pulses of electrical current in the body. The intensified field of inter-galactic grid is causing a spike in the planetary grid system causing our bodies, minds and emotions to feel amped up. The wave form acts as a kind of crescendo causing us sleepless nights and emotional upsets. We’re at the crest of the wave now and only need to “do” one thing.

It’s an intense time that calls for full-on allowing without concern or care of what this electrical energy wave is for or even means. It’s all transformation and by keeping the mind soft and staying open, we are allowing for a greater capacity of high frequencies of light flow through us. The emphasis is on through. If we are trying to stop the flow even by judging what might be, we are causing the current to electrify and build up in areas of the body needlessly so. This greater flow of higher frequency serves as a transformational agent for the Light that we are to embody in the physical.

Wisdom Sharing:  Channeling of LIght

Wisdom Sharing: Channeling of LIght

Relationship Right for You?

Are you in a romantic relationship or stepping in that direction? It’s a really wonderful feeling. To want to be near and dear to someone is simply the best until, that is, the lower personality issues start flowing forth. Sometimes that unsettled feeling happens in little ways. Sometimes in bigger, not so pleasant ways. Clashes happen. That’s life. But how do you know, really know, if you are about to take the leap of faith into the heart of who you are, that it’s the ultimate right aligned relationship?

I get this question put to me practically everyday. Each person and every relationship is unique. But taking that leap–from mind to heart–can sometimes feel like the road trip that will never happen.

The answer I found myself giving someone recently was: Will you ever know if you continue to stand back and watch?

Of course there are more specific signals if that special someone is for you but that’s for another time. For more personal transformational tools join us for the New Earth Grid series, free webcasts on a variety of topics each month.

All you need to do is go to the Sustainable Oneness homepage and join the mailing list. It’s free!

The next webcast is on the topic is: Live Your Best Life 2014.

When the Soul is Ready to Awaken

Activation of Soul level Aawareness

Activation of Soul level Aawareness

I just spoke with someone who has been inwardly tortured by beings, entities, spirits from another dimension. In this man’s own words, they have ruined his life. When tuning into the energy pattern of what is occurring, I sensed that the beings are ready to be free. But is he?

This is a very dramatic example of a symbiotic relationship and one that requires us to be crystal clear as to not only what we desire, but with whom and what. Loneliness, fear, and feelings of abandonment are harsh realities and experiences that attract lower energies to us. As harsh as these energies can be, without the comfort of love around us, we can actually choose to stay in these lower realms. They may be horrible but at least there is comfort in the known.

Take this premise and apply it to any part of your life, and you will sense just how challenging it is to let go of habitual ways of being and doing even when we say we really don’t want to like what is going on.

So, how do we say goodbye to something that no longer serves us?

The answer is found within us. No matter how much we reach out to others to solve our own challenges, it always calls us back to self. Within the self is an internal alignment and relationship within the context of the heart connecting to the soul. The heart intrinsically knows the way back to this most sacred alignment but it takes courage to let go of the dependency on the drug of fear.

Taking up the practice of inner stillness is the only way to regain one’s equalibrium. It’s the inner view that is needed here, and lots of patience.

There is also help just when you need it. Look to others who are inwardly peaceful and find your way to them. You are not asking anything from them. Just be. Observe. Sense and feel.

Step one is to get quiet. Step two will have you making a declaration, and a commitment. Step three is the action piece, which happens in the moment. In the context of every moment there is a choice: to engage with an outside source or to stay centered and peaceful inside. Step one. two, three….

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