Transformational practices for the embodiment of heart-centered awareness


Services are offered as channeled guidance coupled with transformational practices and vibrational support that are designed to activate higher awareness for clearing blocks to personal peace and happiness. Energetic support lightens the load for making higher vibrational life choices. Services include private consultations and intuitive soul-coaching, workshops and retreats. Private sessions are for exploration of particular aspects of your life path and purpose.

Private Sessions

Soul Path and Purpose / Soul Coaching
Private sessions are designed for taking an intimate look at your soul’s path and purpose especially how it relates to you in this life-time as well as any other issues or patterns influencing you at this time.  Average time is 60-75 minutes Sessions are offered by appointment only.
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Workshops and Retreats

Carol helps people to sense and see the subtle life force that supports their higher life path, their soul’s expression here on earth. She teaches from direct knowing and models this higher-knowing by facilitating processes designed to open the heart and sustain that state of openness by teaching how to read the energy patterns of your life so that you can become proactive at making conscious choice.

Webcasts and Online Courses

We live in such an energetically frenetic environment and have such busy lives. Ongoing support is offered as tele-sessions on particular subjects, and presentations recorded live and made available to a global listening audience. Explore the many subject matters and look for updates as new topics are announced.

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