Transformational practices for the embodiment of heart-centered awareness


Carol Fitzpatrick, Spiritual Guide, Channel, Visionary Teacher and Guide

Carol Fitzpatrick, Spiritual Guide, Channel, Visionary and Teacher

CAROL FITZPATRICK is an intuitive who serves as a channel for the divine. Her empathic way of seeing the light patterns of the soul is designed to help world servers transcend pain and suffering, and for making higher vibrational life choices. She serves as a catalyst for shifting global consciousness by helping others to discover their soul’s purpose and to find their passion for service. Her calling is to foster a sustainable oneness in community.

She is the creator of the Living the Miracle (LtM), an experience of oneness, and the co-founder of Center for Planetary Awakening, which was established to forward her global mission. She is the author of two books, Fear Not My Child: I Am Here and A Call to Remember: Follow Your Heart, Change the World. She is one of 12 contributing authors of Unleashing the Warrior Goddess Within, about 12 women healers and their journeys to awakening. She writes a monthly e-communique called Light Streamings, now in it’s seventh year.

Carol’s passion is to dance in the higher realms of light in such a way as to share the soul’s earthbound mission with others. The visions and knowings that she shares is for increasing our collective capacity to flow more light, more love, more joy into the world. By doing so, we are exponentially shifting earth-plane consciousness.

Learn more about the transformational practices, energetic tools and the LtM Light Community, and how you can get involved in this global mission here:

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