Transformational practices for the embodiment of heart-centered awareness

One of my very favorites about Spiritual Community is to share information and insights with others who, too, are diligently working to fulfill their soul’s purpose. I met Christian, my host for the upcoming leadership virtual summit, just days before he asked me to participate. He came to me for guidance, and in turn, asked me to join this beautiful lineup of summit speakers. I love how spirit brings us all together, and joyously so.

Our intent for the Leaders Transforming Global Consciousness Free Virtual Summit is to inspire those of you with a sense of mission; teachers, healers and spiritual activists, but may lack the confidence or the know-how to fulfill your purpose. This is also an invitation, or better yet, a call to rev things up and step more fully into your role and a guide and a steward in the awakening of our global consciousness.

Check out the details here!

Here’s some of what you’ll experience at the summit: 

  • Learn from experts in the field of consciousness and expansion as they share their vision for these crucial times.
  • Learn techniques for greater awareness and mindfulness
  • Develop practices that connect you more deeply to Self and others. 
  • Identify opportunities for expanding and supporting global consciousness
  • Feel inspired and empowered to take your next steps with a greater sense of purpose and clarity.

You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Receive free gifts from each of the expert presenters
  • Meet incredible community at our free FB group
  • View each presenter for free for 24hours following upload 
  • Gain all-access pass to recordings of each of the presenters for a low price

Register Here

Yours in the co-creation of an emerging future, 

Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary mentor/guide and soul coach
Founder of two world service organizations:
Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance
Global Centers for Planetary Awakening
Private Session Scheduler:

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