Transformational practices for the embodiment of heart-centered awareness

The Zero Point

I am hearing from others who are reaching out to seek relief or at least understanding of the shadow aspects of what is currently presenting in their lives. It’s challenging when pure energy floods into our awareness (I have come to call this the zero point, which love beyond condition). This source frequency can trigger old unhealed stuff or cause a shock-wave of emotion by stirring up the darker aspects of unconscious patterns held within the body-mind consciousness.
The key to unraveling any cathartic experience is simply to allow it to unfold while watching or witnessing the flood of emotion and accompanying images that trigger the let go. The key to embodying the higher frequency is to hone in on the emotional charge while also standing clear of any projections or wallowing in the story. The perception (story) only arrises to act as the trigger and get your full attention. Unless, you are experiencing a life threatening situation, the internal chaos is serving as the catalyst for your eventual transformation. It’s that simple.
You are being given a great gift even as you may feel like you are going to die.
If you have hit a wall and are in crisis, stop the chaos by dropping into meditation, emote, journal or talk about the feeling while staying away from perpetuating the false narrative, aka the story. Letting go of the emotional charge, alone, will unlock the unconscious pattern and the joy of revelation will soon follow. More than anything, be compassionate toward yourself and recognize chaos for the ultimate gift that it is: An opening to the embodiment of a higher vibrational You.

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  1. Beautifully said Carol. One cannot clear a chaos before recognizing it and standing above it. It’s kind of recognizing that a room is a chaos and then either choose to lay in the chaos and leave it like that or to decide where to start with the clean up. And how great it feels when that room is all cleaned up! It’s all about choice.

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