Transformational practices for the embodiment of heart-centered awareness

Life After Life

I rarely get through a book on one setting, but “the next person you meet in heaven” by Mitch Albom is a wonderful short story about how we see the lessons of our lives, post incarnation on earth. It’s billed as fiction, and it is, but the facets of life after life are very close to the way I see and communicate with souls who have passed.
They always empathically show their loved ones how they perceive their lives now from their new higher perspective and wish to, in teurn, help their loved ones that are still operating from a one side perspective understand. And parallel to the author’s fictional depiction of life on the other side, I see this same way. The soul wishes to communicate that love, honor and compassion are the qualities we all seek—while the call to let go of shame, guilt and especially resentment is the way to realize the more expansive states of connectedness.
Even the way the soul sees colors and travels through disconnected yet connected fragments of life memories is very similar to the way I am shown through their eyes as well.
It seems so simple, yes? And so it is. Now to go back and read the first one….

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