Transformational practices for embracing heart-centered consciousness.

StarDustJust the other day during a private session, the Guides shared the most beautiful metaphor with a spiritual aspirant. They described this forthcoming, and much anticipated, cosmic gateway like that of a shooting star moving across the night’s sky. It’s as if she will be watching it in slow motion and marveling at the spectacular display of light. The trail of star dust, as it falls down upon her, just may remind her of the very source of her creation. It’s an activation of cosmic proportions.

The guidance is to be still inside and align with what you desire, especially as it peaks during the days of September 21, 22 and 23.

I know that if this advise applies to her it also offers the same opportunity to me and to every other person on the planet.

During those three days I plan on giving myself permission to stay in meditation as long as spirit calls me there and allowing myself to be enveloped by nature.

Once those three auspicious days will have come and gone it does not mean that all the light that flows forth will have gone away. Once in the planetary grid, it will shift us in ways that can only be imagined, and with such an auspicious cosmic light shower, why not allow ourselves the time and space to receive all those star particles that our energy systems can take in now?


Comments on: "September Gateway: Cosmic Star Dust" (1)

  1. Thank you for this. Great timing and it feels as if a new pathway will be right there for us to walk upon. Doors feel open.

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