Transformational practices for embracing heart-centered consciousness.

Making life simple

I’ve been looking to flow with ease and grace where the publishing of Light Streamings is concerned. When I first started writing this e-communique in early 2002, I sat down at the computer and surrendered to what was to flow through and that was it. With the advent of more sophisticated ways of communicating, and all the avenues to share now open and growing, the push on my sense of time has become uncomfortable to say the least. There are so many ways and places to post!

I love being in the stillness and use my morning time to listen to what is mine to do. Instead of spending the time focusing on all the ways to communicate, I’ve decided to consolidate into one place. Right here! Perhaps this will encourage me to write more often as opposed to keeping it all to myself in my daily journal. The guides always have such interesting perspectives on this plane of existence.


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