Transformational practices for the embodiment of heart-centered awareness

One of my very favorites about Spiritual Community is to share information and insights with others who, too, are diligently working to fulfill their soul’s purpose. I met Christian, my host for the upcoming leadership virtual summit, just days before he asked me to participate. He came to me for guidance, and in turn, asked me to join this beautiful lineup of summit speakers. I love how spirit brings us all together, and joyously so.

Our intent for the Leaders Transforming Global Consciousness Free Virtual Summit is to inspire those of you with a sense of mission; teachers, healers and spiritual activists, but may lack the confidence or the know-how to fulfill your purpose. This is also an invitation, or better yet, a call to rev things up and step more fully into your role and a guide and a steward in the awakening of our global consciousness.

Check out the details here!

Here’s some of what you’ll experience at the summit: 

  • Learn from experts in the field of consciousness and expansion as they share their vision for these crucial times.
  • Learn techniques for greater awareness and mindfulness
  • Develop practices that connect you more deeply to Self and others. 
  • Identify opportunities for expanding and supporting global consciousness
  • Feel inspired and empowered to take your next steps with a greater sense of purpose and clarity.

You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Receive free gifts from each of the expert presenters
  • Meet incredible community at our free FB group
  • View each presenter for free for 24hours following upload 
  • Gain all-access pass to recordings of each of the presenters for a low price

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Yours in the co-creation of an emerging future, 

Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary mentor/guide and soul coach
Founder of two world service organizations:
Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance
Global Centers for Planetary Awakening
Private Session Scheduler:

The Power of Love

Souls on the other side have much to tell us about what is possible when we make choices that most align within us, and bring us great joy. This first Vlog sharing is hopefully a way to convey the plethora of learnings that come from the work I do with others as a conduit for spirit to share from perspectives that we cannot see from our current vantage points of view. It’s because we are so “in it” that we loose perspective on why we are here and what really matters.



The Zero Point

I am hearing from others who are reaching out to seek relief or at least understanding of the shadow aspects of what is currently presenting in their lives. It’s challenging when pure energy floods into our awareness (I have come to call this the zero point, which love beyond condition). This source frequency can trigger old unhealed stuff or cause a shock-wave of emotion by stirring up the darker aspects of unconscious patterns held within the body-mind consciousness.
The key to unraveling any cathartic experience is simply to allow it to unfold while watching or witnessing the flood of emotion and accompanying images that trigger the let go. The key to embodying the higher frequency is to hone in on the emotional charge while also standing clear of any projections or wallowing in the story. The perception (story) only arrises to act as the trigger and get your full attention. Unless, you are experiencing a life threatening situation, the internal chaos is serving as the catalyst for your eventual transformation. It’s that simple.
You are being given a great gift even as you may feel like you are going to die.
If you have hit a wall and are in crisis, stop the chaos by dropping into meditation, emote, journal or talk about the feeling while staying away from perpetuating the false narrative, aka the story. Letting go of the emotional charge, alone, will unlock the unconscious pattern and the joy of revelation will soon follow. More than anything, be compassionate toward yourself and recognize chaos for the ultimate gift that it is: An opening to the embodiment of a higher vibrational You.

Life After Life

I rarely get through a book on one setting, but “the next person you meet in heaven” by Mitch Albom is a wonderful short story about how we see the lessons of our lives, post incarnation on earth. It’s billed as fiction, and it is, but the facets of life after life are very close to the way I see and communicate with souls who have passed.
They always empathically show their loved ones how they perceive their lives now from their new higher perspective and wish to, in teurn, help their loved ones that are still operating from a one side perspective understand. And parallel to the author’s fictional depiction of life on the other side, I see this same way. The soul wishes to communicate that love, honor and compassion are the qualities we all seek—while the call to let go of shame, guilt and especially resentment is the way to realize the more expansive states of connectedness.
Even the way the soul sees colors and travels through disconnected yet connected fragments of life memories is very similar to the way I am shown through their eyes as well.
It seems so simple, yes? And so it is. Now to go back and read the first one….

During our meditation this morning, and later in the day during the private session work, the messages landed in clearly and reassuringly. The star elders, ascended masters, and angelic beings continue to tell us, show us and steam energy through us to deliver the message, “It is time. It is THE time. It is now. The vibrational support, complete with all that is needed to manifest your heart’s desire, has arrived.”

They continue to instruct us, “The new earth template is anchored into the current grid system. Accept. Allow. Manifest. Manifest as we become the embodiment of our heart’s desire. Let go of yearning. That is the old way of plugging into the control programming. It is now dissolving.”

How much more simple and clear can it get? Yet so many of us (including me in specs of my life) continue to question. We look at the reflection of our current reality and ask, “How can this be? How can I shift this reality as I interact and try to influence a direction or an outcome? How do I solve this puzzle or make it better?”

The answer does not come from what is around us or from others. The shift comes from the light that ignites the knowing from deep within us. It is our energetic connection with the very Source of our creation that ignites the internal shift. It’s the being part that we might be quick to gloss over.

Life on the planet is amazing, and the natural world offers us a reflection of the pranic force that flows through all cycles of life. Once we recognize that everything is in flow, we can relax into the knowing that our heart’s desire is manifesting in the right and perfect sequence.

There is no need to push for or against anything. This lighter softer feeling requires us to use our more subtle higher senses. Allow for the flow to show us the way. The way may not show up as a physical manifestation but follow it anyway. Trust the inner feeling of the guidance.

We have been programmed to believe in an artificial flow, one that controls then works to influence our every thought and movement.  It’s time to unplug from the more control matrix, the one that find us doubting our inner knowing.

The message is clear: Allow our hearts and minds to soar above the frey. It’s time to stop looking down at what ails us and  to, instead, look up. We are to take up our rightful place, as divine beings of light, as embodied ones, in this higher vibrational consciousness grid and manifest from this vantage point. As we do, we are to dance and play in the higher  realms, and create a new form of freedom in all manners of beingness on the planet.

Embodiment is the new normal for any being of light. It’s not only what we know but who we truly are. Just allow our imagination to be our guide.

Be. Do. Embody. Manifest.

Joyously so,


Ever since the New Mexico retreat late last month, I’ve been in a no-mind space. I hear but nothing sticks for long. The first weekend home, I also received a very big hit to the head by a log being thrown my way by a fellow community member just trying to be helpful. It really hurt but I was also not looking up when he said, “catch.”

After lots of TLC in the form of ice, energy work, cranial sacral and a chiropractic adjustment, my head feels quite fine, but my blissed out heart is still not registering the details. It’s like I’m in a bathtub submerged under the warm water. It feels really good here and I don’t want to re-emerge. I’ve left my mind in New Mexico, or at least dropped all that pre-occupation with the day-to-day details of what used to concern me. I feel liberated from the stress that comes from inner worry. And I’m sleeping like that log that hit my head too. It must have been all that great shadow release work we did, or the side splitting laughing as we did our work.

This is all the say that I am experiencing the benefits of the downloading of those ascension codes that the Star Elders so clearly showed us how and what to do to get them into our embodied state. As a collective effort, we anchored a pillar of light that appeared to be a new soul template for earth beings. We humans are accustomed to pushing the mind to do it the hard way, but there are many other ways to live without the element of struggle.

Once we got settled back in from the trip home, both Mark and I knew right away that we wanted to stay in this energy field AND to share it with our soul family here on the east coast.

If you are within driving distance to Fredericksburg, VA, consider yourself invited.

We’re just planning on taking the deep dive once again, and allowing ourselves to be guided. No mind, just heart-centered awareness here. The Star Elders have been so present in all that we are led to do, I can’t imagine this calling being any different. There is so much support for those wishing to download those ascension codes and embody the Light that we are.

If you are free Memorial Day weekend, we’d love to see you. Learn more here: 

And if you’d like to learn more about what really happened in New Mexico, complete with space ship, read the accounting from one of the participants’ perspectives here:

Clearing the Shadow

In my quest to clear out the inner clutter, I have discovered family constellation work. It’s quite remarkable in the sense that we can go back to prior generations, long before current day patterns that are wreaking havoc with our peace of mind, and clear them.

The process is akin to seeing through the veil or entering into a lucid dream state and witnessing all the parts of your very own puzzle in third person. It’s the third person self-discovery process that is so powerful.  The facilitator embodies the soul or souls of yesteryear at the point in time when the splintering occurred.

It’s liberating to witness the overlay from here to there, and how the shadow then has played out and manifested in present moment family dynamics. The facets of the current day puzzle fall into place as the original split in the lineage is experienced and actively engaged, and healed.

It’s only been two days since the session, and the blue sky feeling that I came home with from our most recent event in New Mexico is even more clear, more peaceful. I’ve been having lucid dreams that show me, more from a current life review viewpoint my past transgressions, so I can heal and bring peace to past actions. By doing so, I’m experiencing a deeper, wider opening within me. All that inner clutter–the preoccupation with the how, why and when is gone. Dissappeared. What is in it’s place? deep peace.

When the guides talk about gaining one’s freedom, I’m beginning to get a glimpse of the potential ramifications on the rest of my life.  All that space used for worry and concern is now freed up to enjoy life and create what I truly desire.

Transformation of the heart is the key, and energetic healing is the engine that moves the energy. Gotta love it all into wholeness!

Arise and Amplify Love

I took notice yesterday upon arriving home that my husband Mark and I were out of the area and in the mountains immersed in nature when yet another tragedy occurred, this time in the form of a shooting by a mentally unstable man in Orlando Florida. The trauma is felt as terror, and deep sadness for yet another senseless killing. I feel deep compassion for all who are irrevocably affected by his actions.
I arise to Love, and amplify peace and calm.

Star Mapping

I’ve been guided to facilitate a process that I have come to call Star Mapping. It’s a way to connect into the higher vibrational river and to sense, see, and feel what is already there. We each hold dreams and desires within us and as we tune into those visions and knowings, AND set a future timeline with our intention into motion, there they are!

In January, when we aligned within the context of our collective awareness, all those colored squares on our future map represent where we see ourselves in times of celebration and play as we are called to anchor light in energetically significant locations. As spirit will have it, we’ll be celebrating in Community with special focus on the Star Children (that’s you, me and so many others who understand that we are light expressing as human) several times this year. Now to set those visions into motion. Will you come and play?

Spring 2016 Retreat



Trust the Knowing

It’s an amazing moment when you miraculously transcend fear and feel only peace, that bedrock kind of peace that carries you onward in the face of the impossible—peace when you are being told by those logical others—others with the science behind the facts to back them up that what you feel is wrong.

As you stand firm in peace and move forward, even before the facts catch up to tell you a different outcome, that you were right, trusting the knowing is a feeling worth remembering.

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